Sodium Chloride

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Intravenous Infusions are large volume sterile solutions of electrolyte and/or nutrients administered intravenously to meet normal fluid and electrolyte requirements or replenish substantial or continuing losses when the patient is vomitiong or nauseated and is unable to take adequate amounts by mouth.

In an individual patient, the nature and severity of the electrolyte imbalance must be assessed from the following.

  • The history of the patient
  • Clinical signs and symptoms
  • Biochemical examinations


  • MEq/litre
  • Na⁺ 154
  • CI⁻ 154

It is used to correct serious sodium deficit. It is not indicated in cases of dehydration or lack of water without sodium deficit. An excess of sodium may lead to peripheral or pulmonary oedema. It is also used in diabetic ketoacidosis.

Contraindications:- As for all sodium and chloride contraindications.

Usual Dosage:- iv infusion: 500ml - 1000ml

Rate:- 240 - 480ml/hr (60-120 drops a minute).

Note: The choice of a particular strength depends on the severity of the sodium deficit.