Magnessium Sulphate Injection

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  • A 50% Solution contains 0.5/ml of Magnessium Sulphate.

Actions and Indications.

Magnessium Sulphate is used in the treatment of magnessium deficiency.

Magnessium Sulphate injection is used as a central depressant primarily in circumstances characterized by seizures associated with acute nephritis, acute uraemia, hypothyroidism and with eclampsia of pregnancy

Dosage and Administration.

1. Magnessium Sulphate injection is admiistered intramuscularly is doses of up to 5g, by slow intravenous injection in doses of up to 4g. or by intravenous infusion in glucose or saline in doses of up to 4g per hour. The total daily dose should not exceed approximately 30g in patients with normal renal function.

2. Recommended Dosage Regimen for eclampsia: Initial Dosage of 4g by intravenous infusion over up to 20 minutes Followed by 1g every hour for at least 24 hours after the last seizure: recurrence os feizures may require an additional bolus of 2.4g.


Monitoring of blood pressure, respiratory rate and urinary is carried out as is monitoring for clinical signs of over dosage (loss of patellar reflexes, weakness, nausea, sensation of warmth , flusing, drowsiness, double vision, and slurred speech).

Calcium Gluconate injection is used for the management of magnessium toxicity.

Appropriate reductions in dosage should be made for patients with renal impairment.


50% magnessium sulphate solution in 10ml.