Badoe's Maintenance Solution

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Intravenous Infusions are large volume sterile solutions of electrolytse and/or nutrients administered intravenously to meet normal fluid and electrolyte requirements or replenish substantial or continuing losses when the patient is vomitiong or nauseated and is unable to take adequate amounts by mouth.


  • As a maintenance solution in postoperative fluid and electrolyte management after dehydration and electrolyte imbalances have been corrected.
  • Any medical condition where the patient does not take anything mouth and none of thr components of the solution is contraindicated.

Badoe's Maintanace Solution is 10% sorbitol in 1/3 Ringer's Lactate plus 3g of KCI

3 litres of the solution provides the following:

  • Water 3000ml
  • Na⁺ 130mmol
  • k⁺ 48mmol
  • Energy 1125 Cal


1. 3 litres of Badoes maintenance solution will provid all the Potassium and sodium ions and water required in 24hrs.

2. It provides about two-thirds of the daily resting energy expenditure

3. The problem of shortage of Potassium Chloride or 5% Dextrose or Ringer Lactate is obviated.

4. It simplifies fluid and electrolytes thereapy for doctors and nurses as only one fluid is uesd.

5. Badoe's Solution does not cause thrombophlebitis.


  • Not suitable for neonates as the conversion of sorbitol to glucose is by the hepatic system.
  • Acidosis. Because lactic acid is produced from the conversion of Sorbitol to glucose.
  • Liver disease.

Usual dosage: 500ml-1000ml

Rate of infusion: 500ml/hr.


  • MEq/litre
  • Na⁺ 43.3
  • K⁺ 16.0
  • Ca²⁺ 1.3
  • CL- 51.7
  • Lactate 9.0
  • Sorbitol 390

Usual dosage: 500ml-1000ml

Rate of infusion: 500ml/hr.